About us

Fietsstad Groningen has been organising bike tours in Groningen since 2006. We have a fantastic team of tour guides giving their best each tour. We are all volunteers and we do this because we love meeting all the different people and because we have a passion for the city of Groningen! Each year we donate part of our proceeds to charity. Last year, in light of our 15-year anniversary, we donated € 1,500 to the foundation Toentje, which sustainably produces vegetables and herbs for the food bank!

We work together with Pims Fietsen. Their bike shop is situated in a beautiful location in the lively neighborhood around the Westerhaven, which is immediately adjacent to the city center. This means that it is the perfect spot to start our bike tours. The team from Pims Fietsen makes sure their bikes are in top shape, which means that you will be very comfortable on the bike and touring Groningen will feel effortless!

Wadapartja is the perfect place the have some drinks, eat a meal and relax. Enjoy the local products they use in their meals. Wadapartja is situated both at the Westerhaven, next to the starting location of the bike tour, as well as at the Zuiderdiep. This means that it is the perfect place have some coffee or eat lunch before or after the bike tour! Together with Wadapartja we offer a group arrangement, which means that everything will be taken care of for you, and you can simply enjoy a beautiful day in Groningen!