Terms and Conditions & Privacy Declaration

Privacy Declaration
Below is stated how we handle your personal information:

  • If you contact us or book a bike tour via our website, we will keep your personal information for a maximum of 24 months.
  • We will use this information in order to:
    • call, text or e-mail you regarding the bike tour you want to / have booked.
    • approach you after the bike tour for a review (in most cases a request via Tripadvisor).
  • During the bike tour we sometimes take pictures to post on our website, social media or Tripadvisor. If you don’t want to be (recognizable) in any pictures, make this known to the guide in advance of the bike tour. 

Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of Fietsstad Groningen.

Fietsstad Groningen is located at Willem Plojterlaan 4, 9766 PL  Eelderwolde (location), and registered with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel): KvK-nummer 000027887367.6.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via info@fietsstadgroningen.nl or call +31 (0)6 1831140.

Fietsstad Groningen reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time. You agree that the most recent version of these terms and conditions apply to your reservation order.

Article 1 – General

These terms and conditions apply to every reservation or order between Fietsstad Groningen and you (the Group Leader). Fietsstad Groningen shall send you these terms and conditions at your request, free of charge. You can also find them on www.fietsstadgroningen.nl.

Article 2 – Booking

  1. At Fietsstad Groningen you can book a bike tour. A reservation or booking is made when Fietsstad Groningen agrees to a reservation or order online or by phone.
  2. A booking by phone or online is final after Fietsstad Groningen confirmed the booking by phone or online, and after we have send you a confirmation.
  3. The participant is responsible that the provided information of the booking form is complete and correct.
  4. The person booking a tour is responsible for the other participants as well as for the rented bikes, as set out in these terms and conditions.
  5. If a service of Fietsstad Groningen is booked via a partner, the terms and conditions of Fietsstad Groningen still apply to that booking.

Article 3 – Price

  1. All prices for tours are indicated on our website. These prices are leading, but subject to any mistakes or errors.
  2. Prices may change in case of unforeseen and cost price increasing circumstances, and if these circumstances occur after the booking or reservation is made.

Article 4 – Payment and Collection Charges

  1. Payment for the bike tour must be made in advance of, or directly after the end of the bike tour.
  2. Payments must be made in cash.
  3. Groups and businesses can also pay by invoice.
  4. If the payment by the participant is not paid, he will automatically be in default. In case of default, the participant owes Fietsstad Groningen the statutory commercial interest (in case the participant is a company) or the legal interest (in case the participant is a private individual). The interest on the payable amount is calculated from the moment that the payment is due, until the moment that the payable amount has been paid by the participant in full.
  5. If the participant is in default, he will owe Fietsstad Groningen all extrajudicial costs. In case of an invoice amount up to €300,- these costs will be €40,-. In case of a higher invoice amount, the maximum collection fees are 15% of the amount of the invoice.

Article 5 – Bike tours

  1. Fietsstad Groningen reserves the right to change the dates, routes and times of bike tours.
  2. ‘Open Bike Tours’ are bike tours on fixed times and fixed dates. During these tours anyone can participate. This means your group may not be the only one participating in the tour. Requests for bigger groups become automatically ‘Private Bike Tours’.
  3. ‘Private Bike Tours’ are always solely with your own group. Guides or other employees of Fietsstad Groningen may join a private bike tour for training purposes only.

Article 6 – Bike use / rental

  1. The participant of a tour must make sure that the bikes are in good condition at the beginning of a tour and must return the bike in the same condition.
  2. The bikes should at all times be locked with the two locks provided by Fietsstad Groningen. The chain-lock must be attached to a fixed object or another bike.
  3. Fietsstad Groningen will charge €25,- in case a key of a lock is lost.
  4. In case of theft, the participant is required to file a report with the police and inform Fietsstad Groningen immediately by phone: +31 (0)6 1831140. The original bike price will be charged.
  5. In case damage occurred during a tour and the amount of the damage is higher than the deposit, the participant must pay the difference immediately. If the damage is equal to or less than the deposit, the damage will be withheld on the deposit.
  6. The participant is responsible to comply to all Dutch traffic laws. Fines are in all cases on your own account.
  7. Fietsstad Groningen has no accident or theft insurance. The paricipant must be aware of this and may take care of it himself.

Article 7 – Cancellation

  1. If you would like to cancel your booking, please contact us (in advance of the tour) as soon as possible by phone via: +31 (0)6 18311480 orwith the guide.
  2. Cancellation of the ‘Open Bike Tour’ is free of charge.
  3. Cancellation of a ‘Private Bike Tour’ is free of charge until 24 hours prior to the booking. Within 24 hours before the booking we will charge 100% of the total costs.
  4. In case you made a booking together with an arrangement in a restaurant and want to cancel the booking, we ask you to do so until 48 hours prior to the booking via +31 (0)6-18311480. Because we work together with restaurants it is not possible to do this within 48 hours. If you cancel the booking within 48 hours we will charge 100% of the total costs.

Article 8 – Suspension, Dissolution

  1. Fietsstad Groningen may suspend the execution of the booking if they cannot comply because of force majeure.
  2. If the execution of the assignment is permanently impossible, parties may cancel the booking for the part that has not been fulfilled.
  3. Fietsstad Groningen may suspend or cancel the booking if the participant fails to meet its obligations, partially, completely or not in time. In such cases, the participant shall compensate Fietsstad Groningen for damages.

Article 9 – Liability

  1. By regular and careful maintenance, we strive to make our bikes and tours as safe as possible.
  2. Fietsstad Groningen will determine if a person is able to participate in a tour safely. Fietsstad Groningen may refuse a participant if they consider him/her not able to participate in a bike tour with regard to his/hers safety.
  3. Despite all safety measures that are taken by us, participating in our bike tours are at your own risk.
  4. Fietsstad Groningen is not liable for any theft, accidents or other damage as a consequence of participating in our bike tours, unless the damages are the result of a deliberate act or gross negligence by Fietsstad Groningen.
  5. The liability of Fietsstad Groningen shall never exceed the amount paid by the insurer of Fietsstad Groningen.

Article 10 – Indemnification

  1. The participant indemnifies Fietsstad Groningen from any claims by third parties for damages resulting from the execution of the services of Fietsstad Groningen.
  2. If third parties address Fietsstad Groningen to be liable for damages, the participant shall support Fietsstad Groningen both judicial and extrajudicial and the participant shall do what may be expected of him.
  3. If the Group Leader does not provide the support described in paragraph 2, Fietsstad Groningen may take the actions it deems required. All expenses and damages made by Fietsstad Groningen in this respect shall be borne by the participant.

Article 11 – Nullity

If any part of these conditions is void or voidable, this does not alter the validity of the remainder of these conditions. The invalid or unenforceable part shall be replaced by a provision that most closely follows the content of the invalid provision.

Article 12 – Conflicting Provisions

If any of the provisions from these terms and conditions are in conflict with a provision from an agreement, the agreement prevails.

Article 13 – Applicable Law

Dutch law.

Article 14 – Competent Court

The Court of Groningen.